Pastor’s wife accuses him of sexual abuse of minor girls

Pastor arrested for murdering minor girl

Suspected religious conversion racket busted in Mangalore

Chidanandmurthy in favour of bill to curb conversion

Supreme Court decries forceful religious conversions

Christian missionary behind Nithyananda sex scandal: Ranjitha

Crorepathy" Fr. Jegath Gasper Raj main link for Tigers in India

Beltangady: Three Booked for Inducing Religious Conversion

Belgium: Amid sex scandals, de-baptism gains favor

Pastors trafficking NE children for church grants and foreign donations

Criminal case filed against Bishop

School trades evangelism access for shoes, school supplies

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Pastor's wife accuses him of sexual abuse of minor girls (7/4/11)

Pastor arrested for murdering minor girl (7/1/11)
Suspected religious conversion racket busted in Mangalore (4/6/11)
Chidanandmurthy in favour of bill to curb conversion (2/9/11)
Supreme Court decries forceful religious conversions (1/21/11)
Christian missionary behind Nithyananda sex scandal: Ranjitha (1/2/11)
Crorepathy" Fr. Jegath Gasper Raj main link for Tigers in India (12/17/10)
Beltangady: Three Booked for Inducing Religious Conversion (10/19/10)
Belgium: Amid sex scandals, de-baptism gains favor (9/19/10)
Pastors trafficking NE children for church grants and foreign donations (9/11/10)
Criminal case filed against Bishop (7/22/10)
School trades evangelism access for shoes, school supplies (6/21/10)
Jharkhand Bishop openly backs Maoist cause (6/21/10)
Woman Chained Nine Years…For Having Sex In The Bush (6/9/10)
Christian casteism: Only in India: A Brahmin groom for a Catholic bride (5/19/10)
French mission letter on Right to Conversion in Nepal annoys Kamal Thapa (5/19/10)
Errant priests' secret children to sue church (5/11/10)
Indian Priest in Fla. Assault Incident Turns Up in Italy (4/20/10)
People march against conversion (4/14/10)
Priest Charged in U.S. Is Still Serving in India (4/6/10)
Christian missionary extremists demolish Hindu temple in AP (3/25/10)
Philippine health chief, church fight over condoms (3/12/10)
Singapore denounces pastor for ridiculing Buddhists (3/6/10)
The role of US evangelists in Uganda's 'kill the gays' bill (1/14/10)
Orissa police arrest two Christians for throwing beef at Laxmi idol (10/7/09)
christian terrorists kill at least 11 villagers (10/5/09)
Singapore PM Makes A Strong Case Against Aggressive Proselytising (9/8/09)
Tension grips Jamalpur following forced conversion (3/18/09)
Krishna Iyer lashes out at Pastoral letter (3/18/09)
Nuns treated like servants by priests: Cardinal (3/18/09)
Priest admits to idol worship in churches (3/14/09)
Vatican Relying on India and Africa For New Priests (3/12/09)
Brazilian to excommunicate her and doctors for allowing it (3/9/09)
Campaign to create awareness on forcible conversion in Karnataka (3/9/09)
Manipur: Opposition backs Ibobi on killer’s trial (3/3/09)
Ex-nun's confessions set to rock Kerala Church (2/22/09)
Myanmar Mission of the Council of Nagaland Baptist Churches Missionaries set Hindu temple on fire (2/18/09)
Buddhist, Hindu clergy convene in Cambodia (2/18/09)
US priests 'in $800,000 theft' (1/27/09)
Visa Fraud Alert: Montebello pastor to volunteer in India (1/27/09)
Unethical Conversion Bill presented to parliament by the JHU (1/9/09)
3 held for forceful conversion (1/9/09)
Law against religious conversion (1/8/09)
Violent, hardcore evangelism? (1/8/09)
Evangelism obsessed pervert arrested for blasphemy (1/8/09)
Launching report on unethical conversions (1/7/09)
Christian Missionaries Eye Morocco (1/7/09)
Paul David's film - Jesus in India - Sundance Channel - December 2008 (12/19/08)
Christian pilgrims to leave today (11/25/08)
Pastor threatens to end life (Example of Christian intolerance) (11/25/08)
After Haj, it is Christian pilgrimage (11/14/08)
Revelations put nun's life in danger (10/27/08)
Orissa call for teeth to anti-conversion law (10/15/08)
Kandhamal students’ body demands to stop conversion in the district (10/15/08)
Translated bible rocks Jharkhand assembly (10/5/08)
5 held for distributing provocative pamphlets (10/5/08)
'Inducements lure poor to convert' (9/27/08)
Hindu seers calls for halt to conversions (9/24/08)
Booklet by convert fuels Mangalore unrest (9/17/08)
Lankan pastor with GPS equipment arrested (9/8/08)
Christian school suspends students for ‘mock Ganesh puja’ (9/8/08)
Christians threaten to form militia (9/6/08)
Suicide Accessories Uncovered from Catholic Church (8/26/08)
Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati's murder: Are Christian militants involved? (8/24/08)
The Dalit Christians to stop fraudulent conversion in India (7/22/08)
Catholic Church sex abuse investigations 'a joke' (7/22/08)
The Bible with a touch of India (7/22/08)
Follow The Money, Lose The Faith (7/9/08)
Andhra Pradesh: Rules set for Christian yatra (6/15/08)
Cash scanner on evangelist (6/11/08)
Bihar village alleges missionaries harassing people (6/11/08)
Church is not doing enough to convert UK Muslims, says bishop (6/2/08)
Algeria Muslim body slams Christian evangelists (6/2/08)
U.S. soldiers launch campaign to convert Iraqis to Christianity (6/2/08)
Anti-Missionary Bill in Penza, Russia Parliament (6/2/08)
Vaishnavite monastery body accuses Church of conversions in Majuli (4/3/08)
Tamil Nadu dalit Christians to return to Hindu fold (4/3/08)
Catholic Church facing shortage of nuns (4/3/08)
Iraqi Christians scorn West’s offer of help (4/1/08)
Should taxpayers fund religious discrimination? (4/1/08)
Two Algerian churches shut for missionary work (3/18/08)
FEATURE: Missionaries fuel anger in Jordan (3/18/08)
Pope Visit to U.S. Prompts Peaceful Protest March for Protection of Religions from Exclusivism (3/14/08)
Ayyappa devotees' vows copied by Andhra church's new rules (3/14/08)
Rwandan priest gets life for 1,500 dead (3/14/08)
Elmwood Park pastor accused of sex abuse (3/6/08)
Many U.S. Catholics, Protestants leave their churches (3/6/08)
Jordan arrests eight Evangelists (3/6/08)
Episcopal Christians apologise to Hindus for discrimination, proselytisation (2/25/08)
The "deadly triangle of LTTE+ NGO+ Christian extremists exposed (2/19/08)
A Christian gets a local Hindu temple demolished (2/19/08)
Madhya Pradesh church priest held on rape charge (1/7/08)
Afghan clerics warn Karzai against missionaries (1/5/08)
Evangelists tie up with Maoists to create mayhem in Kandhamal (1/5/08)
Vatican to create more exorcists to tackle 'evil' (1/4/08)
`Gospel of wealth' facing scrutiny (12/29/07)
Christianization of Andhra Pradesh: Politicians chasing Christian votebank (12/29/07)
‘Baptized’ south Gujarat tribals re-embrace Hinduism (12/19/07)
( Shame to humanity) Vatican defends 'right and duty' to convert members of other faiths (12/15/07)
Hindu Jagran Manch presents one lakh signatures to Uttarakhand Chief Minister (12/15/07)
Nun Pleads No Contest in Sex Abuse (11/24/07)
Priests meet on caste in church (11/6/07)
South Korean missionaries spread political message in the North (11/6/07)
India: Drunken Christian college principal tries to rape student (11/6/07)
Argentine priest gets life term for 'dirty war' crimes (10/29/07)
'Sanyas' lessons for Christian clergy (10/23/07)
Seminary as gurukul: church quietly going ‘swadeshi’ in BJP’s bastions (10/23/07)
Pastors 'Indecent Proposals' - Church stormed in TN (10/23/07)
Deceptive Christian missionary propaganda in Sri Kalahasti temple (10/11/07)
Christian teacher threaten to break heads of Hindu students ! (10/11/07)
Missionary arrested for converting 40 Hindu families to Christianity (8/27/07)
Torture and sex abuse in church school: Nuns nabbed (8/22/07)
Sikh girl may convert for place at UK school (8/22/07)
Mexican Priest Heads to Prison After Killing Secret Son to Save Career (8/22/07)
Trinidad temple vandalized: We have the blood of Jesus. You are idols (8/8/07)
US Muslims rap Christian 'mosque missionaries' (8/6/07)
Christians proselytize Muslims at UP mosque (8/6/07)
Nuns Named In Church Sex Abuse Lawsuits (8/2/07)
Nuns arrested for forcible conversion in Christian school (8/2/07)
Row over religious propaganda: Christian missionaries in Vijayawada Kanaka Durga temple (8/2/07)
Propagation of religion sparks tension in OGH, one held (7/20/07)
Cambodia bans Christian proselytizing (7/20/07)
Andhra Pradesh: Tribals fear Christian Conversions (7/17/07)
Bangalore: Law against Conversions Demanded (7/17/07)
Uganda pastor denies miracle scam (7/15/07)
Christian activists disrupt Hindu prayer in US Senate (7/12/07)
Over 100 Foreign Missionaries Expelled by Chinese Government Secret Campaign (7/10/07)
State to pay pujas in old temples to prevent conversions (7/10/07)
Kundapur: 'Conversion is Threat to the Country' - Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat (7/3/07)
Seer's concern over conversion-related activities in AP, TN, Kerala (7/3/07)
Deport foreign missionaries indulging in 'conversion': VHP (6/21/07)
Book calls for 'religious disarmament' on conversions (6/18/07)
Paul feels danger to life from Sonia (6/10/07)
Bar on preaching in shrines (6/8/07)
Evangelist claims Rajasekhara Reddy had sought $5 million (6/8/07)
More cases of encroachments by Church come to light (6/7/07)
Petition: Ground Reality about allegations of so-called assaults on Christian Missionaries (6/7/07)
Woman hopes Supreme Court allows her to sue Catholic Church (6/5/07)
CRIME: Evangelist K.A. Paul arrested (5/25/07)
Religious conversion sparks tension (5/25/07)
Christian groups plan for 'spiritual harvest' during Beijing Olympics (5/21/07)
Estonians desert Church but pay to 'commune' with angels (5/16/07)
Christian group buys hotel, plans for a long stay (5/16/07)
Brazil indigenous groups fault pope talk (5/16/07)
Minister Maldonado rebuts Pope's evangelism (5/15/07)
975 die at Catholic healing centre (5/15/07)
Illegal medical evangelism: Testimony of a foreign missionary who just returned from India (5/15/07)
Hospital Evangelism: Local vet plans to sue Iowa City VA (5/11/07)
Indian Christian leader attempts to kill a protestor (5/9/07)
Baptist Homes accused of forced religion (5/3/07)
Indian Christian leader threatens US Hindus! (5/2/07)
Unholy liaisons at Divine (5/2/07)
India: Andhra Pradesh bans propagation of other religions at Tirumala temple (5/1/07)
Church shaken by sex charges vs. ex-ass't pastor (4/25/07)
Chhattisgarh tribals protest religious conversions (4/25/07)
Karnataka Alert: New ways for evangelisation (4/19/07)
Christian church withering (4/19/07)
TamilNadu: Attempts to create a Christian votebank (4/17/07)
A classic case of Christian religious intolerance in TamilNadu (4/17/07)
USA based Christian missionaries in Hyderabad on tourist Visa (4/17/07)
Religious conversion in AP police station (4/11/07)
Dalit Christians reconvert to Hinduism in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh (4/10/07)
Tribal groups stop religious conversion in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh (4/10/07)
what is Lord Ram's mistake? AP Government's attitude creates holiday controversy (4/5/07)
Protest rally against religious conversions (4/5/07)
Evangelicals hope to 'reach' Buddhists (4/5/07)
Christian book success stuns industry (4/5/07)
Ban conversions: Sadhus (4/5/07)
World Missions Visa Card to Support Evangelism Efforts (4/3/07)
Asheville church choir director charged with child sex crimes (4/2/07)
Vice Chancellor of Padmavathi University should be removed demands BJP (3/30/07)
Diocese offers $95 million to settle sex abuse suits (3/30/07)
Pastor guilty of rape (3/30/07)
Tribals rally protesting Christian religious conversion (3/28/07)
Video: Evangelism - The Growing danger (3/28/07)
Tribals protest Religious conversion (3/27/07)
Church is accused of defrauding flock (3/26/07)
Christian Conversion by allurement (3/26/07)
Illegal medical evangelism in temple town Rajahmundry, AP, India (3/25/07)
Police enquiry into religious conversion. Foreigners vacate hotel and run away (3/22/07)
Borrowing in faith: Kerala church creates ripples (3/22/07)
Archbishop urges Sonia to cleanse Congress of communal elements (3/22/07)
Christian missionaries taken into custody (3/21/07)
Steps to prevent conversions:TTD (3/21/07)
Mysore: 'Missionaries Disrupting Sanatana Dharma Ambience' (3/16/07)
Shas proposes bill to forbid evangelism (3/15/07)
Tirupati: Uma Maheshwari's Suicide - Why are officials silent? (3/15/07)
HJS thwarted Believers conversion ploy! (3/9/07)
Protest against conversions (3/5/07)
Lobby Power in India: Discovery Channel puts off Jesus documentary telecast (3/2/07)
African Mission: Evangelist says needy people don't have to convert to get aid (3/2/07)
Missionary booked for forcing conversion (3/2/07)
150 convert Christians return to Hinduism in Himachal (3/2/07)
Expose: The tale of conversion by allure ; Himachal dalits rebuke fake healers (2/26/07)
Video Series: Christian aggression in Cauvery Layout, Karnataka, India (2/26/07)
Himachal enforces anti-conversion law (2/22/07)
India 360: Are priests corrupt? (2/22/07)
CNN-IBN Impact: Faith vendors under scanner (2/22/07)
Evangelist tells students: Shun Muslims (2/22/07)
Priests sell baptism certificates (2/21/07)
Cross mandatory on school uniform, Villagers furious! (2/21/07)
Baby bones found in Indian missionary hospital (2/20/07)
Teachers beat boy for wearing rudraksha mala (2/20/07)
YSR Government's antipathy towards Hindus deplored (2/16/07)
Taking a stand: Traveling preacher causes uproar at SHSU (2/14/07)
Evangelical Christians in Mexico Increasingly Persecuted by 'Traditional Catholics' (2/14/07)
Trust formed to prevent conversions (2/12/07)
India's Tsunami Churches -- A Report from One to One International (2/8/07)
'Jagat Jyoti Mandir' : Perfect brotherhood or Perfect deception (2/6/07)
Jesus in 'yogic posture' to adorn church hall (1/29/07)
GFA missionaries arrested at Ardh Kumbh (1/24/07)
Spare Bibles Headed for India (1/22/07)
Christians seek guidelines for missionary work (1/18/07)
Nithari becomes a hunting ground for missionaries (1/17/07)
Target Hindus: Concocted story explains the methodology and goal of evangelism (1/16/07)
Site review: (1/12/07)
FBI Arrests Two Brazilian Bishops in Miami (1/12/07)
Suit against Vatican can proceed (1/12/07)
Book Review: HYPATIA'S LOVER (1/8/07)
Himachal Pradesh passes anti-conversion legislation (1/3/07)
100 people return to Hinduism (1/2/07)
Christians and the Valley (1/2/07)
Tension in Tripura hills over mass conversion (1/2/07)
Christians bracing Hinduism in UP (12/26/06)
On Christmas Eve forcible conversion of Hindus into Christianity continues–eleven including a pastor (12/26/06)
Caste problem exists in Christianity in TN (12/26/06)
Christian missionaries arrested in Chhattisgarh (12/25/06)
Father Mathew's sex escapades: 'He touched girls in the pool' (12/22/06)
Tribal Christians in Jharkhand re-converted (12/21/06)
Christian school: Kid beaten for wearing Kumkum (12/21/06)
India - State wise and City wise Christian population data available (12/20/06)
Villagers stone Christian missionaries for converting people (12/20/06)
Sex scandal hits Bangalore Christian convent school (12/19/06)
India Alert: Andhra Pradesh plans fund for Christian pilgrims (12/19/06)
Card. Toppo of Ranchi renews call to evangelize India (12/14/06)
Video game's religious wars stir debate (12/12/06)
Robertson Says All Other Religions Worship "Demonic Powers" (12/5/06)
Take Action on December 3 (was:Nov 19): Mark the Misogynist and Mars Hill (12/3/06)
Blending religion, taxes (12/1/06)
VHP files case on preachers (11/24/06)
Row over Bible distribution (11/22/06)
Public school teacher gives lesson in right-wing Christian Tolerance (11/14/06)
Nun sentenced to 30 years for genocide (11/13/06)
Controversial film dropped from Kolkata fest (11/13/06)
The multi-million dollar business called evangelism (11/10/06)
Churches oppose takeover law (11/9/06)
Mizos skip church to watch Kasauti... (11/7/06)
A Mega-Scandal for a Mega-Church (11/3/06)
Public health and religion: Aids, America, abstinence... (11/3/06)
Shankaracharya of Dwarka strongly denounces conversion (11/3/06)
Pensacola evangelist convicted of tax fraud (11/3/06)
Carter had to sign an oath (10/31/06)
Proposed Religion-Based Program for Federal Inmates is Canceled (10/31/06)
Conversion by foreigners alleged (10/27/06)
Fear Evangelism: Haunted houses: Pastor sending visitors to hell and back (10/25/06)
BJP alleges large scale conversions in Andhra Pradesh (10/25/06)
TTD gives 1 gm gold to prevent conversions (10/21/06)
Clearing Misconceptions: Hospital evangelism in action (10/20/06)
Missionary Propaganda: Worshipping Hindu gods the cause of Chikunguniya (10/17/06)
Mass Conversion damp squib (10/17/06)
RSS concerned about growing number of conversions (10/16/06)
Forced conversions: SC commission steps in (10/10/06)
Poverty forces 15 families to embrace Christianity (10/10/06)
Husband tortures wife for religion (10/5/06)
UP: 350 Hindus convert to Christianity (10/5/06)
Religious Freedom Group Protests Weida's Promotion (10/4/06)
129 persons 'reconverted' to Hinduism (10/3/06)
'Miracles' boost Indian Christians (10/3/06)
A Christian flavour to Vijayadashmi (10/3/06)
Missionary mafia now to kidnapping bussiness (9/28/06)
Kerala High Court orders probe on Christian charismatic centre (9/28/06)
Hinduism Today Publisher's Address to World Religions After 9/11 Congress (9/26/06)
6 held for firing at mob after attempted conversion (9/25/06)
Three Christian militants executed in Indonesia for attacks on Muslims (9/22/06)
Gujarat: Anti-conversion Bill amendment passed (9/20/06)
Documentary on Christian Conversion in India Released (9/20/06)
Film Shows Youths Training to Fight for Jesus (9/19/06)
City school accused of 'teaching religious matters' (9/18/06)
Parents allege Christianity being thrust upon wards (9/18/06)
British priest in Kerala in conversion debate (9/18/06)
HJS's strong agitation against exploitation of Hindu students by Missionary schools (9/15/06)
Kashmir ire at school 'conversions' (9/15/06)
Pope a 'medieval crusader' in India (9/15/06)
Loreto's date with 'Jesus' (9/11/06)
Missionary school in Pulwama ordered closed (9/11/06)
Indian Christian Priest: RSS neither Nationalist nor Fascist (9/10/06)
Fact Sheet: New TTD chairman has Christian leanings? (8/29/06)
Strip converts of quota benefits, demand tribals (8/24/06)
Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhar Reddy okays public money for Churches (8/23/06)
Pastor burns the portraits of Hindu gods (8/22/06)
Catholic Ashrams: Sachidananda Ashram gets a woman Acharya (8/17/06)
Goa's company : Center for converting Hindus (8/14/06)
Christian missionaries kidnapping Hindu devotees (8/11/06)
Conversions will not be tolerated in Tirupati (8/11/06)
BJP says Sonia encouraging conversions to Christianity (8/8/06)
Story of Sanal Edamaruku, President, Rationalist International (8/7/06)
Proselytisation FIR needs no sanction (8/7/06)
Afghans Rally Against Korean 'Proselytes' (8/3/06)
BJP demands inquiry into Tirupati 'conversion' incidents (8/3/06)
Fanatic sister tortures Hindu students (8/2/06)
Conversion bid ends in murder attempt (7/31/06)
Missionaries are corrupting the Young and Innocent Minds (7/19/06)
Ram Sena protests against propagation of Christianity (7/19/06)
YSR's Step-Brother to take over Tirumala (6/1/06)
Bills to repeal anti-conversion law introduced (5/29/06)
Christian Preaching in Bhadrachalam Sri Rama Temple (5/23/06)
Y.S. Reddy should stop his zealous evangelists (5/23/06)
There's no fundamental right to convert: SC (5/22/06)
Supporting Israel; Evangelizing Israelis (5/22/06)
Vatican Targets India, Appoints Indian to Lead Missionary Work (5/21/06)
Christ, that's blasphemy! (5/12/06)
Vatican, Churches Work on Conversion Plan (5/12/06)
Lurid drama of proselytism after 1947 (5/1/06)
The Welsh Mission Diminished (4/29/06)
Evangelists offer lure of prosperity (4/28/06)
Killing for conversion (4/28/06)
The saint who resisted missionary menace (4/25/06)
Ban on conversion: Uplift the downtrodden (4/25/06)
Evangelists' case: Tirumala Devaswam opens rule book (4/25/06)
Book fair as Bible fair (4/25/06)
Hindus allege forced conversion in Jabalpur (4/11/06)
BJP condemns Christian preaching at Tirumala (4/11/06)
Portuguese ruined Jaffna: Historian (4/11/06)
913 persons reconvert to Hinduism in Orissa (4/11/06)
Conversion in the name of service will not be allowed: BJP (4/11/06)
Rajasthan passes anti-conversion Bill (4/8/06)
Clash of Two Aggressive Religious Philosophies (4/8/06)
U.S. ups pressure in Afghan Christian convert case (4/8/06)
Rajasthan cabinet clears anti-conversion bill (4/8/06)
Conversion led by Railway Employee alleged (4/8/06)
Evangelists' half truths (4/8/06)
Conversion not a personal matter (4/8/06)
A blow to conversion (4/8/06)
Judeo-Christian history: A mini sketch (4/8/06)
Survey Indicates Japanese Losing Youth to Christianity (3/23/06)
Conversion on rise in country: VHP (3/18/06)
Swamijis denied entry at Tirumala Temple by Christian CM Y.S.Rajashekar Reddy (3/18/06)
Robertson Finds Radical Muslims 'Satanic' (3/13/06)
Lok Sabha breaks into a row over Christian book (3/10/06)
Tripura: One killed five injured in Christian Militant ambush (3/10/06)
Christian CM Rajasekhara Reddy Plans to Demolish Part of Tirumala Temple (3/10/06)
Catholic Mexico denies abortion rights to rape victims (3/9/06)
From Kumbh, Modi sends out a warning to missionaries (3/9/06)
Culture Shock: International students make big adjustments at ASU (3/9/06)
State bill proposes Christianity be Missouri's official religion (3/3/06)
Website against Christian harassment of Russian Hindus (3/3/06)
25 Christians reconvert to Hinduism (3/3/06)
Make conversion illegal: VHP (3/3/06)
Remembering Rani Gaidinliu (3/3/06)
Missionary book ignites anti-Hindu feelings in Rajasthan (3/3/06)
Christian Missionaries Accused of Enticing Earthquake Victims to Convert (2/17/06)
Radio presenter suspended after 'blasphemy' (2/16/06)
Jammu and Kashmir missionaries under scanner (2/14/06)
Two GAIL employees killed by Christian Insurgents in Tripura (2/14/06)
Anglicans target rappers and skateboarders (2/11/06)
Ancient Guatemalan drama survives Christian onslaught (2/11/06)
Bush refuses to pay tribute to "pagan" Mahatma Gandhi (2/11/06)
Prosperity Bishop aims for US Senate (2/11/06)
Indian Parliament exempts reservation for backward classes in Christian institutions (2/11/06)
Christians demand quota under Dalit tag (2/11/06)
Christians demand ban on Hindu pilgrimage festival (2/11/06)
Christian militant groups agree on Christmas ceasefire in Assam (2/11/06)
Conversion mischief foiled; three missionaries arrested in MP (2/10/06)
Man stabs lover for refusing to convert (2/4/06)
American evangelist prohibited from preaching for visa violations (2/2/06)
Prominent leaders receive death threats from Christians (1/31/06)
Conversion-linked activities shielded in MP: VHP (1/31/06)
UK: Christian Harassment of Russian Hindus to be Discussed at EU summit (1/31/06)
Evangelical Groups Get Chunk of AIDS Money (1/31/06)
Famed Italy priest held for rape (1/30/06)
Reservations for Dalit Christians will increase religious conversions (1/30/06)
Opus Dei exposed, calls for Da Vinci film 'adult rating' (1/30/06)
Priest asked to prove in court that Jesus existed (1/30/06)
Pastor arrested for child cruelty among African converts (1/30/06)
Bolivian President reverts to Andean religion, shuns church ceremony (1/30/06)
Church plan to grab Govt. land; convert Hindus thwarted in Himachal (1/30/06)
Bolivia's indigenous majority overthrows Christian oppression; inspires neighbors (1/30/06)
Woman sentenced for killing husband who refused to convert (1/30/06)
With 70% of Tribals converted to Christianity, Hindu Festivities Dwindle in Gajapati (1/20/06)
Swami Devananda threatened for exposing conversion activities in Tiruvanammalai (1/20/06)
Muslim students protest sketch in church-sponsored school textbook (1/20/06)
Adventists receive $1.3 Billion in 2004; Converts nearly 1 million Hindus till date (1/19/06)
Livingstone speaks to Moscow Mayor about harassment of Russian Hindus (1/19/06)
Evangelical College fires Professor for converting to Catholicism (1/19/06)
Call for a "Christian" Scotland irks Minorities (1/19/06)
Russian Hindus Fear Loss of Only Temple due to Christian Persecution (1/19/06)
136 Christian tribals reconverted to Hinduism in Orissa (1/17/06)
Vatican warns against marrying Muslims (1/16/06)
Christian MIlitants Kidnap 7 Tribals in Tripura (1/15/06)
Jews Cautious over Growing Ties with Evangelicals (1/15/06)
Cardinal: Scotland is a Christian country - not Secular (1/15/06)
Coercive Conversions Issue Resurfaces in Orissa's High Court (1/15/06)
Sudarshan's sermon on Christianity: Churches must be independent (1/14/06)
Christian Militant Group Kills 4 Wedding Revelers in Uganda (1/13/06)
Israel shuns Pat Robertson after Derogatory Remarks (1/13/06)
Compensation Sought for Hindu Girl Raped by Pastor (1/13/06)
Hate Attacks by Christian Ultra-Nationalists Worry Jews of Russia (1/13/06)
In Christian Dominated Kerala, Hindus will be a minority in the 25 years (1/12/06)
Cherokee Nation sheds Christian dogma, tolerates same-sex marriage (1/9/06)
Christian Nuns Guilty of 7500 Deaths in Rwandan Genocide (1/6/06)
Robertson blames Sharon stroke on policy of "dividing God's land" (1/5/06)
Hindu Group Concerned About Developing Tirupati Temple for Tourism (1/5/06)
Christian militants started 1998 violence in Gujarat (1/5/06)
Missionaries converting Hindus with threats of Naxalite reprisals (1/5/06)
UK Backs Campaign Against Hindu Persecution by Russian Church (1/5/06)
16 Christians re-convert to Hinduism in Orissa (1/5/06)
Tripura CM: CIA supporting Christian Militancy in India's North-East (1/5/06)
Heartless teacher at the Christian sacred heart school (1/5/06)
Christian Nagas burn buildings in Hindu-majority Manipur (1/5/06)
"Neethu was murdered by the Evangelist Teacher" says father (1/5/06)
Israelis Fear Hidden Agenda Behind Evangelical Theme Park (1/4/06)
Lawsuit Over Mandated Treatment with Religious Overtones (1/4/06)
British Minorities Report Rise in Hate Crimes by Christians (1/4/06)
Dayanand Salvation Mission Condemns Conversion of Dalits (1/4/06)
Christian Converts Attempt to Eliminate Traditional Madagascan Festival (1/4/06)
Christian groups 'proselytising': Muslims (1/3/06)
BJP concerned about religious conversions (1/3/06)
Swedish NGO Concerned about Christianity Condition for Tsunami Aid (1/2/06)
Hindu Teacher Ordered to Remove Bindi at Christian School (1/2/06)
The Plight of Hindus in Russia (1/2/06)
Hindu Council UK Blasts Russian Archbishop (1/2/06)
Catholic bishop says Pope Benedict is the "Antichrist" (1/1/06)
Missionary Schools Lobby Against Opening Up Seats for Dalits (1/1/06)
To Protect Vanvasis, Massive Counter-Missionary Shabarikumbh Planned (1/1/06)
RSS accuses Christian missionaries of supporting Insurgency (12/31/05)
Hindus condemn Russian Archbishop's comments against Krishna (12/31/05)
Previous pope urged Christians to have more children; EU to be Christian (12/31/05)
Myanmar Fights to Evict Christian Terrorist Group (12/31/05)
Professor Resigns After Brutal Assault by Christian Fundamentalists (12/31/05)
Evangelicals Rewrite Quran to Convert Muslims (12/31/05)
Proposed anti-conversion bill evokes mixed reaction (12/30/05)
Backed by UK & Australia, Slavic Hindus Protest Christian State Oppression (12/30/05)
Jharkhand's Christian minister opposes anti-conversion bill (12/30/05)
Jharkhand: Govt to Bring in Religious Protection Bill (12/30/05)
Religious Conversion threatening India's ecological heritage (12/30/05)
Baby–Issac: CPM controls by Christian lobbies (12/30/05)
Russian Hindus helpless as Orthodox Christians force temple closure (12/30/05)
Indian Missionaries Get Rs.600 crores for Tsunami Conversions from UK (12/7/05)
Christian Fundamentalists Attack College Professor in Kansas (12/6/05)
Russian Archbishop calls Lord Krishna 'Satan' (12/6/05)
Pope blesses YSR to turn AP into 'Christa Pradesh' (12/6/05)
Lingayats Threatened as Baptists Target Community for Conversion (12/6/05)
U.S. Jewish Leaders mull Right-Wing Christian Nationalists (12/6/05)
Holy City of Tirumala Desecrated by Clandestine Cross Installations (12/5/05)
Indian Pastor Charged with Sexually Abusing 11-year Old Girl (12/5/05)
Churches Mushrooms in Tirumala (12/5/05)
Egypt Deports Korean Missionary for Communal Disharmony (12/5/05)
Indian Govt. to Recommend Christian Group for US Terror List (12/4/05)
Fear Strikes Tripura as Christian Militants Threaten to Joint Attack (12/4/05)
Dr. Subramanian Swamy: Sonia is communal (12/2/05)
Christian Fundamentalists to Push Bible as Classroom "Knowledge" (12/1/05)
Kerala Women's Commission Confirms Sexual Assault by Christian Priest (11/29/05)
Gospel For Asia Suspected of Funding Sexual Abuse of Kerala Hindu Girls (11/29/05)
Christian Fanatics Firebomb Hindu Temple in Guyana (11/29/05)
Evangelist Billy Graham to Launch Massive Evangelistic Mission in India (11/28/05)
Pharmaceutical Giant Pfizer Donates Rs 1 Cr to Missionary Agency (11/28/05)
Missionary School Teacher Admits Caning Boy (11/28/05)
Boy Hospitalized After Beating by Missionary School Teachers (11/28/05)
Supreme Court to examine Dalit Christians issue (11/28/05)
Bengal: Missionary Schools Upset With Anti-Discriminatory Admission Laws (11/28/05)
Bush Visits Beijing Church, Supports China's Evangelization (11/27/05)
Krishnamurthy: "Christian Missionaries worse national security threat than Naxalites" (11/26/05)
Canadian Natives Win £1Bn for 70 Years of Missionary Abuse (11/26/05)
Christian Police Chief Leads Brutal Assault Against Pro-Hindu Activists (11/25/05)
Class Mates: Thiruvananthapuram Police Commissioner is a Christian Fundamentalist (11/25/05)
UK Groups Seek to Protect Russian Hindus from Persecution by Christians (11/25/05)
Christian Terrorist Responsible in Tripura Massacre Arrested (11/23/05)
Two Christian Insurgent Outfits Join Hands to Disrupt Elections (11/23/05)
Christian Militants Kill 3 Soldiers and Driver in Tripura (11/23/05)
Dutch Christians Target Hindus for Conversion (11/22/05)
Jewish Leader blasts Evangelical "zealots" (11/20/05)
Lost Jewish Tribe Upset By Church Backed Conversion Freeze (11/18/05)
Shirley Maclaine blasts Bush's Christian Crusade (11/18/05)
New Testament in Kannada Withdrawn from Schools After Public Protest (11/18/05)
Kerala Church takes up Communist Agenda (11/18/05)
Catholic Leader: Missionary Zealots Fanning Christian-Muslim Tensions (11/17/05)
Indian Supreme Court Concerned by Child Trafficking by Christian Agencies (11/16/05)
Venezuela Orders US Missionary Group Out in 90 Days (11/16/05)
Christian-Led Desecration of Fijian Hindu Temples Highlighted in U.S. Govt. Report (11/16/05)
Karnataka: Missionaries Target Hindu School Children, Locals Protest (11/16/05)
Fanatic Christian Widow Prevents Hindu Writer's Funeral Rites (11/16/05)
Christian Guerillas Kill Three Non-Tribal Women (11/16/05)
586 Quit Christianity in Maharashtra, Rejoin Hindu Fold (11/16/05)
Hindu Group Writes to Blair Against Offensive Christmas Stamp (11/14/05)
Court Awards Death Sentence to Christian Militant for Killing 15 (11/11/05)
VHP: Congress Govt. Soft on Christian-Driven Militancy (11/11/05)
Americans Public: Church Should Stay Out of Politics (11/11/05)
Assam: Christian Conversions Behind Killing of 87 Hindus and 50,000 Refugees (11/11/05)
Christian Convert Criticizes Conversion, Caste-Discrimination in Christianity (11/11/05)
British Politician Condemns Christian Terror Attacks on Hindus and Other Minorities (11/11/05)
Robertson warns Pennsylvania voters of God's wrath (11/11/05)
Hypocritical Evangelists Force Indian Govt. to Stop Jewish Conversions (11/11/05)
Fundamentalists Win - Christian Indoctrination in American Public Schools (11/11/05)
Christian Militants Found Guilty of Rioting, Murder (11/8/05)
58 in Orissa Regret Converting to Christianity, Re-Embrace Hinduism (11/8/05)
Royal Mail Withdraws Christian Stamp with Hindu Images (11/8/05)
Andhra Pradesh: Mis-Appropriation of Christian Missionary Assets (11/7/05)
Trinidad Hindus Want Christian Police Chief Sacked for Religious Discrimination (11/4/05)
Indian Christian Politician Advocates Support for Maoist Militants (11/4/05)
Evangelistic US Supreme Court Nominee Opposed Hindu Temple Construction (11/3/05)
Indian Church Divided on Inculturation Strategy to Entice Hindu Converts (11/3/05)
Indian Evangelists Demand Foreign Funding to Proselytize Hindus (11/3/05)
Trinidad Christian Govt Attempts To Stop Diwali Celebrations (11/3/05)
Row between Hindus in Britain, Royal mail deepens (11/2/05)
Royal Mail's Christmas stamp insults our religion, say Hindus (11/1/05)
Christian Militants Kill Hindu Man and Daughter, Injure Three (10/31/05)
Bill O'Reilly calls America a 'Judeo-Christian Country' (10/31/05)
Baptist Militants Gun Down Two Troopers (10/29/05)
Christian Militants Kill Tribal Leader on Eve of Prime Minister Visit (10/29/05)
Congress Party To Garner Support By Communalising Votebank (10/29/05)
Mormons Pull Missionaries From Venezuela After Chavez Remarks (10/29/05)
US Supreme Court Nominee Supports Conversion of Hindus in India (10/28/05)
Mental Patient Behind Church Attack, Christians Falsely Scapegoat Hindus (10/28/05)
Catholics Take Up Hindu Practices To Entice Converts (10/28/05)
Christian Gang Suspected of Looting Hindu Temple (10/28/05)
Former Senator: GOP Christian Agenda is "Divisive" (10/27/05)
Christian Minister Praises London Bombers (10/26/05)
Indian Political Party Voices Opposition To Religious Discrimination (10/25/05)
Christian Militants Threaten Attacks During Prime Minister Visit (10/25/05)
Christian Group Wants to 'Redeem' US States (10/24/05)
Iranian Muslims may be "spiritually targeted" (10/24/05)
Court Upholds Deportation of 3 Missionaries for Conversions (10/24/05)
Christian Vandals Desecrate Ram Leela Ground in Trinidad & Tobago (10/24/05)
RSS flays attempts by Church to divide North-Eastern states (10/24/05)
Iraq: Missionaries Endanger Lives of Red Cross Workers (10/22/05)
Judicial Inquiry Sought Over Missionary Involvement in Tribal Killings (10/22/05)
Forced Christian Conversions Blamed For Recent Tribal Violence (10/20/05)
New York New Age Conference Threatened By Catholic Fundamentalists (10/20/05)
Congress-Christian Combine Forms Fradulent Charity in Delhi (10/20/05)
British Armed Forces Appoint First Non-Christian Chaplains (10/19/05)
Staines case: SC admits pleas by Singh, CBI (10/19/05)
Human Rights Advocate: US Missionaries "ignore any ethical restraints" (10/18/05)
Court to hear PIL Seeking SC Status for Dalit Christians (10/18/05)
Proselytizing No. 3 Air Force Commando Hired (10/17/05)
Rabbis Teach Catholics About Church's Persecution (10/17/05)
Missionary Coalition Begins Voter Registration Campaign (10/17/05)
Security ALert in Tripura as Christian Militants Call for 'Black Day' (10/16/05)
American Pagans Battle Discrimination by Christian Fundamentalists (10/16/05)
British Christian Nationalists Seek Ban on Quran (10/15/05)
Fearing Conversions, Pak Bans Missionary Adoption of Quake Orphans (10/15/05)
RSS: Sikh Leaders Should Take Note of Evangelists (10/15/05)
Activists Attacked by Christian Mob in Punjab (10/15/05)
Yellow Pages Are the Stage for a Debate Over Judaism (10/14/05)
Christian Militant 'Hit Squads' Enter Tripura For Oct. 15 Attacks (10/14/05)
Venezuela to Expel U.S. Missionary Group (10/13/05)
Christian Insurgency Takes Backseat as Tripura Celebrates Durga Puja (10/11/05)
Air Force Withdraws Proselytizing Paper for Chaplains (10/11/05)
Durga Puja Begins in Tripura, Amid Fear of Christian Militancy (10/11/05)
Fiji Bill Legalises Christian Terror, says Hindu priest (10/7/05)
Hindu Festival Returns Despite Ethnic Cleansing by Christian Militants (10/7/05)
Sri Lanka Party Slams US for Thwarting Anti-Conversion Law (10/7/05)
Bush: God Told Me to Invade Iraq, Afghanistan (10/7/05)
Russia: Christian Extremists Attack Hindu Festival (10/7/05)
Amid Christian Militant Threats, Hindu Tribals Celebrate Durga Puja (10/6/05)
Rwanda May Allow Genocidal Missionary To Leave (10/6/05)
Air Force Sued Over Religious Intolerance (10/6/05)
200 Tribals Reconvert to Hinduism After Being Duped Into Christianity (10/5/05)
Lanka to Shelve Anti-Conversion Bill after US Pressure (10/4/05)
Bengal Govt. Strikes Down on Christian Favoritism in Missionary Schools (10/4/05)
"Conversion is a menace" - K.S. Sudarshan (10/4/05)
Self Respecting Indian Christians Oppose Representation by a White Man (10/4/05)
Army Fears Attacks on Hindu Festivities By Christian Militants (10/4/05)
Security Forces Intercept Attack Threats From Christian Militant Outfits (10/4/05)
3,500 Christian Converts Re-Embrace Hinduism in Etah (10/3/05)
Sudarshan Warns of Conversion of Sikhs to Christianity (10/2/05)
Twin bomb blasts rock Indian town; Christian Terrorists Suspected (10/2/05)
Indian Soldiers Seize Explosives From Christian Insurgents (10/2/05)
Report: Catholic Priests Molest Third World Nuns to Avoid AIDS (10/1/05)
RSS Karyakarthas Attacked by Christian Mob in Punjab (10/1/05)
Hindu Groups in Punjab Protest Controversial Christian Meet (10/1/05)
Jewish Group Rips Southern Baptist Convention (9/30/05)
Baptists Convert Temple Builders To Weaken Hindu Infrastructure (9/29/05)
Christians plagiarize Yoga while Hindus look the other way (9/29/05)
Religious Dialogue Group To Hold Lecture in Bangalore on Oct. 12 (9/29/05)
Desperate Evangelists Convert Women With Lingerie (9/29/05)
Montreal Jews Start Counter-Missionary Campaign (9/28/05)
Sri Lanka Buddhists: Evangelism Issue May Swing Election (9/27/05)
Vision 2020: World's Top Church Planters set goal for 1 billion souls (9/27/05)
Tripura Residents Demand Protection From Christian Militants (9/27/05)
Punjab: Hindu Groups Demand Action Againt Christian Attackers (9/27/05)
Christian Terrorists Massacre Eight Hindu Civilians in India (9/27/05)
Tripura CM Faces Heat After Christian Group Massacres 8 (9/27/05)
Sonia Pledges to Help Christian Groups to Circumvent Regulations (9/27/05)
British MP Faces Inquiry Over Christian Supremacist Remarks (9/27/05)
Hindu Activists Attacked by Punjabi Christians (9/26/05)
Lalu Seeks Missionary's Aid For Win (9/26/05)
Church: Conversion to Judaism "is the work of Satan" (9/25/05)
Christian Insurgents Kill 8 Bengali Speaking Settlers (9/25/05)
Rare Jewel Stolen from Hindu Temple by Christian Proselytizer on Display in UK (9/24/05)
Fiji Hindus Fear Attacks From Christians As Police Posts Decrease (9/24/05)
Church Cannot Escape Blame for Dalits' Plight (9/24/05)
Andhra Cyclone: Conversion Guilt Is Talk Of The Town (9/23/05)
Tajikistan Bans Three Hostile Missionary Organizations (9/22/05)
Jewish Students Boycott Heated Debate (9/22/05)
Kumbh Mela Planned to Protect Dangs Natives From Missionaries (9/22/05)
Catholic Mission is to "Convert Locally and Connect Globally" (9/22/05)
Missionary School Staff Suspected of Molesting Mentally Challenged Girl (9/21/05)
Bring Anti-Conversion Bill Before Poll, Demands JHU (9/20/05)
Nigeria: Pastors Rob Bank to Build Church (9/20/05)
VHP to Launch Massive Campaign Against Forced Conversions (9/20/05)
Missionary Mischief in their Own Words (9/19/05)
VHP Demands Investigation of Child Traffic by Christian Missionaries (9/19/05)
Missionaries Desert the Dark Continent to Convert the Secular French (9/19/05)
Pittsburgh Rabbis To Counter Jews For Jesus (9/19/05)
Israeli Rabbis Reconvert 198 Mizo Tribals (9/18/05)
Dalit Christians Say Church Should Pay for "Collective Sin" (9/18/05)
Son Skins Mother "for not accepting Christianity" (9/16/05)
Muslims Concerned By Christian Institutions in Mozambique (9/15/05)
Nation Under Seige: Mongolia "Flush" With Missionaries (9/15/05)
Christian "Miracle" Group in Police Net for Fraud (9/15/05)
Jews for Jesus missionaries Find Warmth, Hostility (9/14/05)
Montreal girds for Christian messianic drive (9/14/05)
The Christian Theological Struggle with Yoga (9/14/05)
"Christian Dream" of Madagascan Leader Irks Critics (9/14/05)
Missionaries Trying to Create Christian Belt (9/13/05)
Missionary Floutes Visa Rules to Carry on with Conversions (9/13/05)
Christian Militants Mint Money from Porn Films (9/11/05)
Missionary Accused of Role in Rwandan Genocide (9/11/05)
Sharp Rise in Attacks on Hindus in Christian Majority UK (9/8/05)
Controversial Evangelistic Leaflet Aimed at Hurricane Survivors (9/8/05)
Christians Lobby for Govt. Subsidy for Pilgrimage (9/7/05)
Plans of Bill Against Religious Conversion in Rajasthan (9/6/05)
Don't use aid to proselytize, Christians urged (9/6/05)
Hutch Telecom Reportedly Helping Christian Fundraising Drive in India (9/6/05)
UPA toes NDA's line on Christian Conversions (9/5/05)
Favouring Australian Missionary, CBI Steps in Staines Case (9/5/05)
Orissa Hindus Foil Conversion Attempt (9/3/05)
Church's Higher Aspirations: Communal Politics (9/3/05)
VHP to Raise Awareness About Conversions (9/2/05)
'Conversions Disturbing Communal Harmony' (9/1/05)
Venezuela Curbs Missionaries After Robertson's Threat (9/1/05)
RSS Opposes Quota for Converted (9/1/05)
Raj Govt to Keep 'Strict Vigil' on Churches (9/1/05)
Christian Insurgents Using Porn to Fund Militancy (9/1/05)
Child adoption racket: 6-month jail for Sister, nine others (8/31/05)
VHP Demands White Paper on Grants to Missionaries (8/31/05)
Northeast Christian Militants 'Making Porn Films' (8/30/05)
Patriarch denounces U.S. evangelicals in Iraq (8/27/05)
Pat Robertson Urges US to Murder Venezuelan President Chavez (8/25/05)
Neurologist: Sodomy "Common" in Mother Teresa's Orphanage (8/25/05)
BJP Concerned by Forcible Conversion of Orissa Adivasis (8/25/05)
Dara Moves Supreme Court Against Conviction (8/18/05)
Actress Jessica Simpson Wants To Convert Unbeliever Children (8/18/05)
California Telugu Church: "The Goal is to Get Hindus to Convert to Christianity" (8/18/05)
Blessed Mother Teresa, pray for us! (8/12/05)
National Dalit Conference Proves Christian Conversions a Sham (8/12/05)
No Majority or Minority Religions in India: Supreme Court (8/11/05)
Seers Flay Conversion (8/9/05)
Controversial evangelist to Speak in Mississippi (8/7/05)
Buddhist Party Condemns US Stand on Anti-conversion Bill (8/7/05)
Kerala Catholics Join in Vote Bank Communalisation (8/5/05)
Missionaries of Charity: Tying Infants to Beds is "Educational" (8/4/05)
Millions all over China convert to Christianity (8/3/05)
Israel: Ex-Nazi Pope "Deliberately Failed" to Condemn Terror Attacks (7/31/05)
Big-Screen Infomercial Discourages Forced Conversions (7/29/05)
Bangalore Initiative for Religious Dialogue To Hold Talk on Conversions (7/28/05)
Church of Scientology books set to flood India (7/28/05)
Fiji Church Supports Reconciliation Bill (7/27/05)
Public Tribunal Wants Full Affirmative Action Rights for Dalit Christians (7/25/05)
Tirupati Temple Officials Deny Offering Land for Church at Sacred Hindu Site (7/25/05)
Priest Arrested for Extortive Conversions in Madhya Pradesh (7/24/05)
Houston Hindus oppose Church on sacred Tirumala-Tirupati Hills (7/20/05)
Kerala's Pentecostal Churches To Communalise Vote Bank (7/20/05)
Christian Groups Plan More Monuments (7/19/05)
BJP urges Government not to allot land to build a Church atop Tirumala (7/18/05)
Action initiated to Deport Christian missionary (7/18/05)
MP eyes amendments to Religious Freedom Act (7/15/05)
Evangelist Accused of Tax Evasion (7/14/05)
Finally, The Game Is Up For Conversion Couple (7/13/05)
Upset with Conversions, Villagers Lock Up Church (7/13/05)
IRS Investigating Televangelist Benny Hinn (7/12/05)
More evangelicals among USAF chaplains (7/12/05)
Report Blames Missionaries for Violence in Jhabua (7/11/05)
Gaur Targets Collectors on Conversion (7/11/05)
Madras High Court Orders Seizure of Travel Documents of Foreign Evangelists (7/11/05)
Church Bollywood Film to Cast Concerned Hindu as a Communal Villan (7/10/05)
Agra Converts Rejoin Hinduism After Being "Misled" By Missionaries (7/10/05)
RSS rescues Christian priests (7/10/05)
Kumbh mela in Dangs to Combat Missionaries (7/7/05)
Etah: 45 Christians Re-Embrace Hinduism (7/4/05)
3 Women Charged of Forced Conversion of Muslim Children in Indonesia (7/3/05)
Christian Becomes Police Boss in India's Tense Orissa State (7/3/05)
Conversions, illiteracy problems before India (7/3/05)
"Take conversion cases seriously" - Orissa High Court (7/1/05)
Villagers force Evangelists to flee (7/1/05)
25% IIT seats meant for ST/SC etc are usurped by Christians (7/1/05)
Evangelicals Fishing for Converts in Iraq (6/29/05)
Christian held for burning Quran in Pakistan (6/29/05)
Christian Aid: Christianity Fastest Growing in India (6/29/05)
Conversion has gone up after UPA came to power (6/28/05)
Punjab Under Missionary Seige: 50% of Villages Have Churches (6/28/05)
Low Turnout For Nigeria Conversion Rally Upsets Benny Hinn (6/28/05)
Murdered Missionaries "forcibly converted some hundreds of Hindu families" (6/28/05)
Hindu Groups Accuse Christian Politicians of Harassment by Police (6/27/05)
UN Special Rapporteur accused of Pro-Missionary Bias (6/26/05)
Christian Rock Bands to Hold Conversion Drive in Bangalore (6/23/05)
Celebrity Boxer Tyson to Become Missionary (6/22/05)
Orissa High Court:Takes Action on Forced Conversions (6/22/05)
Missionary NGO to Spend Rs 161 Crore for Tsunami Rehabilitation (6/22/05)
Hindu Concern for Temples in Fiji (6/21/05)
300 Churches Perform Child Sacrifices (6/21/05)
Baptists Aim to Baptize 1 Million Members (6/21/05)
India to deport US missionaries (6/20/05)
'Religious bullying' at US academy (6/19/05)
Andaman Islands under siege of Catholics (6/16/05)
BJP Protests Govt Land Allotment Missionaries (6/16/05)
Evangelists Convert Indian Children With Rubik's Cubes (6/16/05)
UK Christians Oppose Bill To Curb Expressions of Religious Hatred (6/14/05)
Four US Missionaries to be deported for violating visa rules (6/14/05)
Government Awakes to Conversion Reality (6/9/05)
Orissa: 4 Detained for Converting through Financial Extortion (6/9/05)
Mysore: 2 Missionaries Held for Forcibly Converting Impoverished (6/9/05)
Andhra Christian CM: 'Hindu Temple lands are now for sale' (6/7/05)
Baptist Militants kill Five Chakma Tribesmen (6/7/05)
Nagaland: Baptist Militants Kill Local Political Leader (6/7/05)
Bangladesh Troops Rescue Boy from Christian Militants (6/7/05)
Missionary Board: "We will see the collapse of Hinduism" (6/3/05)
Seers' arrest has led to more conversions: VHP (6/3/05)
'Mass conversions being planned by Adventists' (6/3/05)
Christian Convent Teacher Beats Schoolgirl to Death (6/3/05)
Catholic Church Prepares for Cold War With Evangelists (6/1/05)
Christians Conspire to Destroy Hinduism: VHP President (6/1/05)
Baptist Church says Koran "should be flushed" (5/29/05)
Christian Minister Diverts Hindu Temple Funds for Sewage System (5/29/05)
Missionary School Admits Converting Hindu Children with Free Meals (5/29/05)
Seven Acquitted regarding Missionary's Demise (5/28/05)
Religious Row in Kerala Over Tsunami Relief (5/28/05)
Conversions feared as Catholic becomes UN refugee chief (5/26/05)
UK Christians Oppose Proposed Religious Hatred Bill (5/26/05)
Air Force Task Force Admits Omission (5/26/05)
Tamilnadu CM: Anti-Forcible Conversion Law Fully Repealed (5/21/05)
Survey Shows Churches Outnumber Temples in Areas of Andhra (5/20/05)
Court Orders Colleges to Reserve Seats for Christian Converts (5/20/05)
Rev. Says Church is To Blame for Racism in Fiji (5/19/05)
Fiji VP: No need for Christian State (5/19/05)
Staines murder case: HC sets aside Dara's death (5/19/05)
Church targets innocent children in Delhi and NCR (5/18/05)
UN Backs Missionaries in Lanka: Opposes Religious Freedom Bill (5/18/05)
Pope says God wants Converts and People Must Fear Him (5/18/05)
Jehovah's Witness is key advisor to the King of Nepal (5/17/05)
Southern Baptists aim for India's conversion to Churchianity (5/17/05)
Air Force Chaplain Tells of Academy Proselytizing (5/17/05)
Pat Robertson in India: "Hindus are looking for the wrong God" (5/16/05)
Conversion issue: District Magistrate Questions Police Chief (5/16/05)
160,000 Have Converted Out of Hinduism in Malaysia in 25 Years (5/16/05)
4 Missionaries Detained for Extortive Conversions (5/15/05)
Dara Singh's fast enters third day (5/15/05)
RSS: Orissa Govt. is Anti-HIndu, Pro-Christian (5/15/05)
Christian Miliant Group Threatens To Go Underground (5/15/05)
American Evangelist, Benny Hinn Leaves Nigeria In Annoyance (5/15/05)
Kerala Christians Prevent Construction of Railway to Hindu Hill Shrine (5/14/05)
Bomb threat closes Swaha Hindu College in Trinidad & Tobago (5/14/05)
"Christians are to be recorded as tribals" (5/13/05)
Manipur library arson 'a Christian Taleban' act (5/12/05)
Robbing Peter to pay Paul – The Karnataka way (5/12/05)
Top Karntaka Police Official involved in Christian Conversions (5/12/05)
Australian cricketer Waugh plans to set up Christian township in Mumbai (5/12/05)
700 Christians return to their roots in Orissa (5/12/05)
Christian Socialist Militants: "worst may come" (5/12/05)
Dara Singh to fast until death (5/11/05)
Karnataka : Villagers revolt to 'missionary menace' (5/10/05)
Nepal: Couple Arrested for Forcibly Converting Minors (5/10/05)
Holy smoke in NE over Promised Land (5/9/05)
Missionary School in Jammu Accused of Fraud (5/6/05)
UN's intervention in Sri Lanka's anti-conversion bill influenced by Evangelicals (5/6/05)
Non Christian beliefs are responsible for degradation of Society - Regional Minister, Ghana (5/6/05)
Religious Bias Probed at Air Force Academy (5/5/05)
Evangelisation Drive on the Rise in Kerala (5/4/05)
Over 500 people reconverted in Orissa (5/1/05)
Indian couple held in Nepal for alleged conversions (4/29/05)
Socialists want "Nagaland for Christ" (4/29/05)
2 Indians Arrested in Nepal for Forceful Conversion of School Children (4/29/05)
Israel calls, ends 2,770-year exodus in India (4/28/05)
Andhra Church Body Says Census Downplays Number of Christians (4/28/05)
Ex-Christian Converts Go Into Hiding After Police Harassment (4/27/05)
35 Ex-Christians Rejoin Hindu Fold in Chhattisgarh (4/27/05)
Demographic changes challenging India: Joshi (4/27/05)
Pope Benedict: Church will Make New Push for Converts (4/25/05)
World Christian Database: India is now 6% Christian (4/25/05)
Sikh Group to Work With Church to Prevent Fraudulent Conversions (4/24/05)
2 Evangelicals Want to Strip Courts' Funds (4/23/05)
Taste of Their Own Medicine: Judaism threatens Church in Mizoram, Manipur (4/22/05)
Fiji: Sacrilege of Temples by Christians must stop, Arya says (4/22/05)
Shankaracharya hopes new Pope will not enourage Conversions (4/22/05)
Indian Court Fines Two for Refusing to Mourn for Pope (4/21/05)
Non-Christian Air Force Cadets Cite Harassment (4/21/05)
RSS accuses new Pope of religious intolerance (4/20/05)
In Kerala even Tsunami Relief is Communalised by the UDF (4/20/05)
Missionary Schools Blamed for Recent Student Suicides (4/19/05)
Christian Missionary Stopped from Holding Conversion Camp (4/19/05)
Call for Greater Buddhist-Hindu Dialogue to Foil Conversions (4/18/05)
Anti-conversion stand led to US visa denial: Modi (4/18/05)
VHP converts 102 in low-key ceremony (4/18/05)
VHP, Bajrang Dal to take on Missionaries in Punjab (4/17/05)
Mizoram Officer: Conversion to Judaism is the "Work of Satan" (4/17/05)
Evangelist jailed after drugs, more found (4/17/05)
Villagers Ostracised, Threatened For Not Converting To Christianity (4/17/05)
Sri Lanka: Christian Fundamentalists Gang Up Against Unethical Conversions Bill (4/17/05)
Christian Businessman Accused of Bribing Hindu to Convert (4/16/05)
Sri Lanka to Vote on Anti-Conversion Law (4/14/05)
Lanka: Red alert on Terrorists and Evangelists (4/14/05)
Church plans to Convert 5,000 Villagers in Andhra Pradesh in May (4/13/05)
Hindu Aikya Vedi protests Kerala Govt. Support to Missionaries and Indifference to Hindu Victims (4/12/05)
"Christian Conversion Lobby" forces Indian Actor out of Tsunami-hit Village (4/12/05)
Vivek Oberoi: Missionary and Liquor Lobbies Drove Us Out (4/12/05)
Thousands of Christian Tribals to reconvert to Judaism (4/11/05)
Maharashtra Christian Groups Voice Support for Extortive Conversion Practices (4/11/05)
SC Notice to Centre on Dalit Christians quota (4/11/05)
Christian Fundamentalists shape Australian Refugee Policy (4/10/05)
Dayal says Hindu group is "the Number One Enemy of the Christians" (4/9/05)
US Policies Hijacked By Religious Right: Danforth (4/8/05)
Missionaries behind Oberoi's Departure? (4/8/05)
Lanka to have 'conscience vote' on religious conversions bill (4/8/05)
Pope put proselytizing ahead of fighting poverty: Interfaith Panel (4/7/05)
Veteran Hindu author's post-funeral rites opposed by Christian widow and son (4/7/05)
New Edition of World Christian Encyclopedia: Tribals are not Hindus (4/6/05)
Govt. Forces Hindu Schools to Mourn for Pope (4/6/05)
Conversion 'attempt' lands Jharkhand school in trouble (4/6/05)
VHP against conversions in Punjab (4/6/05)
Indian Christian body wants Nobel prize for Pope (4/6/05)
Christians in Chhatisgarh re-embrace Hinduism (4/6/05)
Catholic Church losing ground in Latin America (4/5/05)
97 Chhattisgarh 'Christian' tribals reconvert to Hinduism (4/5/05)
Police: Sacrilege of Hindu Temples by Christians Increasing (4/1/05)
'Respect other faiths' (4/1/05)
Fiji Govt Accused of Being Overtly Christian (4/1/05)
Christian Militants Abduct Trader, Demand Ransom (4/1/05)
Southern Baptists Convert President of Zambia (3/31/05)
Congress Govt. Honours Missionary's Wife (3/30/05)
Will an Indian succeed Pope John Paul II? (3/30/05)
Methodists Converting Fiji Indians (3/30/05)
MP: Christian Attacks on Hindu Temples are "unbearable" (3/29/05)
Australian Refugee Policy Encourages Conversions to Christianity (3/29/05)
Turkish Minister Warns Missionaries about Converting Muslims (3/28/05)
Ann Coulter: "... kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity" (3/28/05)
Sri Lanka to Vote on Anti-Conversion Bill (3/27/05)
China says Vatican's Newest Saints were Sinners, Rapists (3/25/05)
Christian Conversions cause Tension in Manipur (3/21/05)
Interview: Christian Militants Ready to End Ceasefire in Northeast (3/16/05)
Rajasthan Christians Back Fradulent Conversions, Protest Bill (3/14/05)
Evangelisation Should Be Cornerstone Of Every Church Policy: CBCI President (3/14/05)
Christian Militants and MPs Join Forces in Northeast (3/14/05)
Missionary Arrested for Demanding Sexual Favours (3/14/05)
RSS Opposes Faith-Based Quota System (3/14/05)
Saraswati punished for countering Christian propaganda: RSS (3/14/05)
Catholic Gujarati Priest Held for Molesting Tribal Woman (3/14/05)
Christian Fundamentalists Continue to Block Hindu Temple (3/14/05)
Traditional Churches Say Growth of New Sects is "a dangerous trend" (3/10/05)
Missionaries Accused of Raping and Killing 14-Year Old Orissa Girl (3/8/05)
Three Christian Militants, Trooper killed in Northeast: (3/8/05)
Christian Militants Kidnap 2 in Tripura (3/6/05)
Hindu Groups Race Against Missionaries to Tsunami-hit Lands (3/5/05)
U.S. Missionaries being Investigated in Dubai (3/4/05)
Global Rifts Emerge as Christianity Converts the South (3/4/05)
700 Club Brags of Christian Conversions by Material Allurement (3/3/05)
Bush Pushes Faith-Based Initiative Agenda (3/2/05)
Christian Conversion Attempt Sparked Jersey Slayings (3/2/05)
Kentucky Baptists Boot Pluralist Pastor (3/2/05)
RSS against forceful religious conversion: Joshi (2/28/05)
Kota tense after protest against Christian meet (2/28/05)
Conversion menace in Rajasthan too (2/28/05)
100 Christians Rejoin Hindu Fold (2/28/05)
Rajasthan Govt Acts Tough on Conversion (2/28/05)
Christian Magician Jailed for Tearing Quran in Pakistan (2/26/05)
Togadia slams Sonia for Padamashree to Gladys (2/26/05)
NCM orders probe into Kota's Hindu-Christian row (2/25/05)
When Compassionate Energy Knows No Boundary (2/23/05)
Rajasthan State to Bar Religious Conversion (2/23/05)
Bajrang Dal Activists Arrested for Preventing Conversion Attempt (2/23/05)
Hypocrisy at It's Best: Catholic Body Concerned at 'Forcible Conversions' (2/22/05)
Sangh Activists Save 300 Tribals from Fraudulent Conversion (2/21/05)
Puppet Evangelism Targets Impoverished Children (2/19/05)
Asian Baptists Conclude that Poverty Fuels Evangelism (2/19/05)
Missionary Group Distributes "Christian" Radios to Tsunami Victims (2/19/05)
5000 Christian Converts Return to Hinduism in Etah (2/18/05)
Communal Voting: Congress Candidate Woos Christian Voters (2/17/05)
Indian Church Strengthening Political Ties with Communists (2/16/05)
VHP: Christians Trying to Convert Tsunami Victims (2/16/05)
Former Aide Blasts Bush's Funding of Missionary Aid Groups (2/15/05)
Evangelists Threaten Traditional Churches in Kerala (2/14/05)
British Evangelists Protest Law, Claim Insulting Other Religions is a Right (2/14/05)
'Abnormally high' growth of Christians in NorthEast India (2/14/05)
Gospel of Asia Missionaries Aim At Converting Children (2/12/05)
Should Dalit Christians get reservation? (2/11/05)
Ministers Use Quran To Evangelize Muslims (2/11/05)
Gujarat Restores Good Friday Holiday (2/11/05)
Indian Christians Demanding Govt Subsidy for Holy Pilgrimages (2/11/05)
Faith Healing Not Permissible: High Court (2/11/05)
Christian Militant Group Suspected Behind Attack on Geelani (2/10/05)
Australian Cricketeer Waugh Raising Funds for Missionary Groups in India (2/10/05)
American Hindu Files Case Against Christian Employer for Discrimination (2/9/05)
Christian Militant Group Abducts Civilian in Tripura (2/9/05)
Missionary Group Backs Five Christians Found Guilty of Murdering Hindu (2/9/05)
Evangelism angers Hindi tsunami victims (2/8/05)
Baptists to Build 10,000 Churches in Karnataka State in 2005 (2/7/05)
U.S. Turns Blind Eye To "Proselytizing" In Iraq (2/6/05)
Religious Education to Counter Proselytizing in Turkey (2/6/05)
Following Hindu Temple Desecration, Fiji Council Calls For Religious Harmony (2/5/05)
Festival of woes for Hinn men (2/5/05)
Infamous Evangelist Group Plans To Build 1 Million Churches in North India (2/5/05)
Vatican Boosts Catholic Population Increase Through Conversions in Africa (2/5/05)
Kerala Hindu Groups Warn Tsunami Victims from Accepting Christian Aid (2/5/05)
RSS slams Padma Shri to Gladys Staines (2/4/05)
Accountability of K.A.Paul's Evangelical Organizations Questioned (2/3/05)
Hindus Get Second Chance after Pastor Blocks Construction of California Temple (2/3/05)
Congress Party Gains in Jharkhand as Missionaries Target Tribals (2/3/05)
NGOs urge UN to fight bias against all faiths (2/1/05)
Notorious Indian evangelist to raise 2000 Tsunami orphans as Christians (1/30/05)
Bajrang Dal opposes Padma Shree for Staines' widow (1/30/05)
Christian NGO usurping land belonging to a temple (1/30/05)
Evangelism in the garb of Relief Work (1/30/05)
Foreign evangelists in full swing (1/30/05)
Malaysia Hindu Sangam President Resigns Protesting Christian Intolerance (1/28/05)
Fiji Temple Robbed Five years in a Row: Christians Suspected (1/27/05)
Arunachal Buddhists allege Christian Militants' Harassment (1/27/05)
Christian Missionary Revels In Conversion Opportunity (1/27/05)
Indian Irony: Evangelist Dayal is on National Integration Council (1/26/05)
Karnataka Police Concerned About Missionary-Provoked Violence (1/26/05)
Why were only the "so-called cured" allowed on stage? (1/24/05)
Africa's Christian soldiers (1/24/05)
Controversies dog Benny Hinn's show (1/24/05)
Hinn Finishes India Trip, Vows to Return to Hyderabad in 2006 (1/23/05)
Fundamentalist Christians say Hindu temple in US raises 'Third World' horror (1/23/05)
Sri Lankan Buddhists Refuse Aid After Christian Conversion Attempt (1/23/05)
Hinn 'Cured' Only Volunteers Not Patients (1/23/05)
Chaos on Benny highway on Second Day (1/23/05)
Fraudlent Miracle Show by Evangelist Benny Hinn Incites Violence (1/23/05)
Benny Hinn, no different from quack Aslam Baba (1/22/05)
Opposition seeks Judicial Probe into Benny Hinn Programme (1/22/05)
Dr. Bhyrappa Sees Sonia's Role Behind Benny Hinn Concert (1/22/05)
'We thought we'd be blessed but nothing really happened' (1/21/05)
Violence Mars Bandh Against Evangelist Meet (1/21/05)
Hinn's meet getting undue publicity: Catholics (1/21/05)
Evangelist's Tsunami Efforts Stir U.S. Muslim Group (1/21/05)
Most controversial evangelical prayer meet kicks off in Bangalore amid threats (1/20/05)
`Festival of Blessings' a curse on aerodrome (1/20/05)
Govt bends it for Benny: Festival of blessings for organisers (1/20/05)
Demonstrations at venue of Hinn prayer meetings banned (1/20/05)
BJP walk out over Hinn programme (1/20/05)
I am only a messenger, says Hinn (1/20/05)
Mass petition to President on proselytisation of Vanvasis (1/20/05)
Order on Seizure of Benny Hinn Publicity Material Stayed (1/19/05)
`Festival of Blessings' can't be banned, says Govt. (1/19/05)
Southern Baptists Pray for Destruction of Hindu Temples (1/19/05)
Swamijis March to Vidhana Soudha, Stage Dharna (1/19/05)
Benny Hinn Miracle Begins to Unfold (1/19/05)
Mixed reactions to Hinn show - Catholics Join Protest (1/19/05)
Protesting Hinn's Show, BJP Activists Block Bangalore-Mysore Road (1/19/05)
Court orders probe into Hinn show (1/19/05)
Hinn's Festival of Lights: High risk for patients, says Doctors' forum (1/19/05)
Jakkur airfield turns into virtual fortress (1/19/05)
1.5-lakh Watts sound system for Hinn's show; PCB doesn't mind (1/18/05)
BJP Steps Up Campaign Against Evangelist (1/18/05)
Cases against pamphlets criticising idol worship (1/18/05)
Church elders flay Benny Hinn's 'prophecies' (1/18/05)
Proselytizing during relief efforts divides Christian groups (1/18/05)
Karnataka CM rules out banning Benny Hinn's discourse (1/18/05)
Seers intervene to prevent US Pastor's discourse (1/18/05)
Boxer Evander Holyfield Donating to Evangelist Group for Tsunami Aid (1/18/05)
Hindu Pontiffs Accuse CIA of Backing Evangelists in India (1/18/05)
Religious Aid Groups Try to Convert Victims (1/17/05)
Driven out of Indonesia, Missionary Group Now Focussing on India (1/17/05)
Evangelical Christian Family Sentenced for Desecrating Fijian Hindu temple (1/17/05)
Chaos at Press Conference of Benny Hinn Program (1/16/05)
Bajrang Dal and VHP Oppose Hinn's Prayer Meet (1/16/05)
Controversy over Evangelist's Proposed Visit (1/16/05)
CM's Attending of Hinn's Event Flayed (1/16/05)
Advocates, NGOs file petitions against Hinn (1/16/05)
Faith healing is fake, keep away from it: KMC (1/16/05)
3 Jakkur flights to run aground, courtesy Benny Hinn (1/16/05)
Tamilnadu Villagers furious with Christian Missionaries (1/16/05)
Christian Militants Act as Moral Police in Manipur (1/14/05)
Ban on Benny Hinn programme sought (1/13/05)
Christian Group Drops Indonesia Orphan Conversion Plan (1/13/05)
Christians, Muslims Battle for Souls on Sumatra (1/13/05)
Court Verdict Reportedly Reached Regarding Benny Hinn's Bangalore Event (1/13/05)
Missionary Group Kidnaps 300 Muslim Orphans to Raise as Christians (1/13/05)
1 killed as Christian Fundamentalists Clash over Church (1/13/05)
Christians Accused of Forced Conversions in of Lambani Community in Hubli (1/11/05)
Christians "Exploiting" Tsunami Disaster, Council on American-Islamic Relations Says (1/11/05)
Hindus, Christians fight over tsunami victims (1/10/05)
Christians kill 3 Hindus, injure 37 with grenades in Eastern Sri Lanka (1/10/05)
Evangelists Now Targeting Jain Community in India (1/7/05)
Evangelist comes looking for orphans in a 747 Boeing (1/7/05)
Andhra Town in Tension after Christian Converts Demolish Hanuman Statue (1/7/05)
Christian Militants Kill 17 Soliders in Tripura (1/6/05)
International Cricket Council Holding Tournament to Fund Missionaries in India (1/3/05)
Missionary Organizations Receiving Funding From USAID Tsunami Relief (1/3/05)
Christian Fundamentalists See Tsunami as Punishment for Christian Persecution (1/3/05)
2 Christians Arrested in Tamilnadu After Attacking Hindu Worshippers (12/30/04)
Manipur Tribals Call for Worship of Universal God, Oppose Christian Conversions (12/29/04)
Christian Missionaries Seek Converts Admist Tsunami Victims (12/29/04)
Christian Militants Celebrate Christmas in Northeast India (12/26/04)
Court Decision Against Two Australian Pastors for "Vilifying Muslims" (12/25/04)
Hindu "reconversion" ceremony stirs contempt for Church (12/25/04)
Mass Conversions to Christianity in Andhra Pradesh (12/25/04)
Christian Convert Brutally Murders UK Sikh & Desecrates Several Temples (12/25/04)
Russian Christians Demean Krishna Worshippers as "Spiritually Harmful" (12/15/04)
Malayasia Hindu Sangam Schedules Emergency Meeting on Christian Conversion (12/14/04)
Statistics show leap in number of Catholics in Asia (12/5/04)
'Hindus will become a minority in India by 2061' (12/3/04)
Bangalore Miracle Show Expected to Draw in 10 Million (12/2/04)
Southern Baptists aim for $150 Million budget for South Asia Missions (12/1/04)
10 converts back to embrace Hinduism (12/1/04)
Christian Converts in Nagaland Struggle to Uphold Tribal Roots (11/30/04)
Convert burial causes tension at Mayanglangjing (11/28/04)
Naxalites turn against religious conversions (11/28/04)
Missionary Physicians Deluge Bangalore (11/28/04)
International Mission Board boasts 600,000 foreign conversions (11/24/04)
South Carolina Baptist launch 3 year conversion drive in South Asia (11/24/04)
Christian heads deplore arrest of Sankaracharya (11/23/04)
Hindus express concern over new Secretary of State (11/20/04)
Being Hindu in the Bible Belt (11/18/04)
Shankaracharya reportedly tortured in Vellore Prison (11/16/04)
Expert: Mass Conversions taking place in Railways (11/15/04)
Sonia is Christianising India: VHP (11/14/04)
Christian Evangelists behind Shankaracharya Arrest: Saraswati (11/13/04)
Arizona Church lures Poor Indian Children with Christmas Gifts (11/9/04)
Pressure to Convert to Christianity Drives Medical Student to Suicide Attempt (11/9/04)
UK Hindus Tackle Conversion Issue (11/4/04)
Man tries to convert lions to Jesus, gets bitten (11/3/04)
Trinidad Hindus Protest Christian Song in Singing Contest (10/31/04)
RSS Condemns Christian Missionaries on Conversion Issue (10/30/04)
Supposedly Free from Casteism, Christians seek Reservations (10/29/04)
Attempted Proselytisation of Indian Youth in Trinidad (10/29/04)
Christian Missionaries Arrested for Inciting Violence in Orissa (10/28/04)
Christian Churches Adopt Hindu Ceremony To Woo Converts (10/26/04)
Christian Missionaries held for disrupting Durga Puja Festival (10/25/04)
Christian Militants kidnap two tribal youths (10/24/04)
Congress Govt: Indian school holidays to be 'Christianized' now (10/22/04)
4 Hindus killed in Tripura by NLFT (10/22/04)
Christian encyclopaedia projects fall in Hindu population (10/20/04)
Attack on nuns in Kerala-Suspects are Marxists! (10/20/04)
Thirteen Christian Apprehended after Hindu Temple Defacement (10/19/04)
80 Christian Tribals Families re-embrace Hinduism in Orissa (10/19/04)
Youth Tortured by Village for Converting to Hinduism (10/15/04)
Hindu Council launches anti-conversion petition (10/15/04)
US State Department Holds Cheenai Meet in Support of Conversions (10/14/04)
RSS Chief Comments on Indentity Loss of of Converted Tribals (10/11/04)
USAID funds Used for Conversion Programs in Nepal (10/9/04)
Convent's Derogatory Rendition of Ramayana hurts Shimla Hindus (10/6/04)
Fundamentalist Christians Oppose Construction of Hindu Temple in California (10/6/04)
Bishops object to Christian Communalization of Maharashtra Politics (10/6/04)
Pieces of flesh & torn limbs - Witness describes Christian Militant Attack (10/4/04)
Christian Terrorists kill 44, Wound 118 in Attacks in Northeast India (10/2/04)
Syrian Church Leader Denounces Forced Conversion as "very bad" (10/1/04)
Largest Assembly of God Church Dedicated in Tamilnadu (10/1/04)
Evangelist Group World Vision Begins Operations in Majuli (Assam) (9/29/04)
Pastor Accused of Attack on Missionaries in India (9/29/04)
Christian Militants Censoring Schools in Northeast India (9/29/04)
Missionaries torture Hindu reconverts in Tamil Nadu (9/28/04)
VHP calls for ban on conversion (9/28/04)
Hindus Fight Discrimination by Christians in Trinidad (9/23/04)
Govt. Reverses Aid Policy - Allows for Unchecked Missionary Funding (9/23/04)
RSS uses census report to start reconversion drive (9/19/04)
Dalit Christian leaders demand scan on Church funds (9/18/04)
RSS reconverts 55 Dalits from Christianity (9/16/04)
VHP to welcome 150 Christians back to Hinduism (9/16/04)
US is India's worst enemy: Sudarshan (9/16/04)
Christians Overtake Muslims, Second Highest in Tamil Nadu (9/14/04)
Census Reveals Alarming Growth of Christianity In Northeast India (9/10/04)
Census Reveals Rampant Conversions in Tamil Nadu, Kerala (9/7/04)
Missionary mischief: Incomplete maps of India (9/6/04)
200 Christians Reconvert to Hinduism in Andhra Pradesh (9/6/04)
Christian converts on the rise in Makwanpur, Nepal (9/6/04)
Imporverished Protest Against Conversions in Himachal Pradesh (9/4/04)
Two held for derogatory distributing pamphlets in Andhra (9/1/04)
Four Minor Girls Subjected to Mental Violence in Dibrugarh (9/1/04)
Gods invoked to bring back anti-conversion law (9/1/04)
Arunachal Buddhists allege harassment from Christian Militants (9/1/04)
Actress' husband held for foring conversion to Christianity (9/1/04)
No service to cure untouchability at this rural church (9/1/04)
Sangliana Shows His True Colors (9/1/04)
Sri Lanka to outlaw religious conversions (8/18/04)
Fiji Christian On Trial for Hindu Temple Desecration (8/17/04)
Leftists, Communists, Naxalites backed by American Churches (8/16/04)
Protestant Andhra CM Launching Evangelist TV Station (8/16/04)
Indian Christian Group Labels Hinduism as a "Cult" (8/9/04)
Christian Groups Defend Unethical Conversions in Sri Lanka (8/3/04)
Parishioner slaps Hindu youth, incites rioting (8/3/04)
Christian Militants kill 4 in Tripura (7/23/04)
Lanka's anti-conversion law targets evangelical movements (7/22/04)
Conversions continue to be rampant: Hindu leader (7/18/04)
Christians Desecrate Hindu Temple in Tamilnadu (7/7/04)
Priest of Indian origin faces sexual abuse charges in US (6/29/04)
Christians Hurl Eggs at Lord Jagannath Diety in Orissa (6/26/04)
Christian Evangelist Zacharias says Hinduism "can't be right" (6/26/04)
Conversion at Full Momentum in Nepal (6/23/04)
Resolutions of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha on Conversions (6/23/04)
Thousands Of Christian Schools Planned In New Delhi (6/21/04)
Children Wooed to Christianity with Stuffed Dolls in Andhra Pradesh (6/21/04)
Christian Militants kidnap 42 people in Tripura (6/16/04)
Restoration of anti-conversion law demanded (6/13/04)
Girl Critical after Forced Conversion Induces Suicide (6/12/04)
800,000 Hindus are Converted Anually (6/12/04)
Missionary Organizations Delighted with India's New Minister of Tribal Affairs (6/12/04)
No need to repeal Anti-Conversion Act: Dayananda Saraswati Saraswathi (6/12/04)
Buddhists being harassed by Christian Militants in Arunachal Pradesh (6/12/04)
Student forced to convert, attempts suicide in Karnataka (6/11/04)
Priest Held For Conversion Activity in Orissa State (6/4/04)
Christians gang up to communalise polity (5/31/04)
Conversions aggravate Kerala's suicide rate & social strife (5/31/04)
Pastor arrested for trying to convert Hindus (5/30/04)
Missionary converting Kashmiri Muslim Denied Visa (5/12/04)
South Korean Christian Missionaries preying on Iraqi Muslims (5/12/04)
Lord Ram Icon Vandalized by Christian Zealots Still Awaits Replacement (5/6/04)
72 Christian Militants Surrender in Tripura (5/6/04)
Student's ear torn-off in Christian School for forgetting book (5/3/04)
To bring the converts home, VHP is getting their feet wet (5/2/04)
Clergy plan Blockbuster Evangelism in South India (4/28/04)
Church Controlling Politics in Mizoram (4/16/04)
Christian Evangelist Groups buys Cruise Liner for Global Conversions (4/8/04)
Christian Missionaries Target Hindus at Kumbh Mela 2004 (4/8/04)
Christian twist to Kerala culture (4/8/04)
Hindu Groups Counters Missionaries in Tribal Gujurat (4/8/04)
Catholic Priest lured followers to invest money (4/2/04)
Church Leaders in furor after 4 Priests after join BJP (4/2/04)
Evangelicals Targetting Hindus in America as well (4/2/04)
Attempted Assasination on Anti-Conversion Hindu Religious Affairs Minister (3/30/04)
Hindu group reconverts over 200 Christians (3/30/04)
Russian Churches deny Construction of Krishna Temple (3/27/04)
Christian Miltant Slayings: Toll in Assam massacre up to 34 (3/26/04)
Christians Appointed to Hindu Temple Boards in Kerala (3/26/04)
Christian Kuki tribals leave 27 dead (3/24/04)
Christian Terrorist Outfit NLFT gang-rape triggers exodus from villages in Tripura (3/19/04)
Tridandi Jeer to step up campaign against conversion (3/16/04)
Hundreds celebrate anti-conversion festival in Goa (3/16/04)
Mizoram CM seeks 1 Lakh Missionaries for Christian Domination (3/14/04)
750 Christians return to Hindu fold (3/11/04)
Missionaries Accused of Raping and Killing 13-year-old girl (3/11/04)
Christians Build Church on Tamil Nadu Temple Land (3/4/04)
Christians convert back to Hinduism (3/4/04)
Christian interrupt Sikh Funeral in the US, seek converts (3/4/04)
Pastoral deception on tribal woman (3/2/04)
Christian Militancy has claimed 952 lives in Tripura in five years (3/2/04)
Two Hindu girls kidnapped & converted by Christian priest in Haryana (3/1/04)
Christian Orphanage head held for raping minors (3/1/04)
Missionaries tremble as govt tightens foreign fund flow (3/1/04)
South Africa: Christian thieves desecrate temple (2/27/04)
Conversion, infiltration problems in North-East (2/27/04)
Salvation Army Accused of Discrimination (2/24/04)
Christian Militants kill surrendered ultra in Tripura (2/20/04)
Christians charged with tampering with Sri Aurobindo's works (2/20/04)
Hindu Parents mentally tortured in Orissa (2/19/04)
Four Christian priests join BJP's Kerala unit (2/19/04)
Faithful plan evangelism with 'Passion' (2/18/04)
Dalit Christians Demand Equality (2/18/04)
Monks' performance disrupted by protesting Catholics (2/14/04)
Now Conversion on Airlines too? (2/8/04)
Tribals not to lose ST status merely because of conversion: SC (2/8/04)
Evangelist Miracle campaign drives Many Suicides, Mental Institutions (2/6/04)
Church warns against attending Controversial Envangelist Event in Mumbai (2/6/04)
Orissa to study forcible conversions (2/5/04)
Christian NGOs hog lion's share of foreign funds (2/3/04)
Siva Lingam Desecrated by Christians (2/2/04)
NLFT militants kidnap four in Tripura (2/1/04)
Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan Forbids Public Christian Prayer (1/30/04)
Singapore Hindus Object to Hijacking of Pongal by Christians (1/30/04)
Sri Lanka: Demand for Anti-Conversion Law Gains Momentum (1/30/04)
Gujarat to restrict fraudulent religious conversions (1/29/04)
Tribal Christians kill Hindu (1/26/04)
Sri Lanka: Anti-conversion laws within 60 days (1/26/04)
Pastor in jail for 'ditching' woman (1/21/04)
Conversions, a threat to tribal identity in Northeast India (1/21/04)
Sri Lanka: Anti-conversion laws within 60 days (1/18/04)
Sri Lanka probes child sex by Christian fundamentalists (1/18/04)
"Day of Morals" to replace Valentine's day in Sri Lanka (1/18/04)
India takes money from temples for churches (1/18/04)
Draft Bill against unethical conversions : Advisory Council meets (1/18/04)
Alarming increase of unethical conversions in Sri Lanka (1/13/04)
NLFT splits over conversion issue (1/12/04)
Sri Lanka President's House converted to an Evangelists' head office (1/12/04)
NLFT strikes in Tripura: 5 jawans killed (1/11/04)
Sri Lanka: New laws to stop unethical religious conversions (1/9/04)
Lanka Buddhists on a "fast unto death" against unethical conversions (1/9/04)
A rupee a day keeps conversion away (1/6/04)
Christian missionaries keep Amazonian Indians in "slave camps" (1/6/04)
Controversial Christian Miracle healer heals himself at Chennai hospital (1/5/04)
Christian evangelist converts Indian prostitutes on the pretext of "rescuing" them (1/4/04)
Evangelists' move raises a storm (1/3/04)
Church admits Ajit Jogi is a Christian: Conversion agenda exposed (1/2/04)
Christian-dominated Nagaland demolishes its only Hindu temple (1/2/04)
Only Christian residents permitted in Mumbai apartment building (1/2/04)
Law against conversion to be stricter in Chhattisgarh: Governor (12/30/03)
Christian Missionaries dump stolen Hindu Deities in ocean (12/30/03)
Politician faces lawsuit for wrongly accusing Hindus of raping Nun (12/29/03)
Seventh Day Adventist admits coerced conversion (12/29/03)
7000 Hindu familes converted in Sri Lanka by Christian Relief Agencies (12/29/03)
Dalit Christians barred from entering church in Tamil Nadu (12/29/03)
Sri Lanka plans to restrict religious conversions (12/29/03)
Excerpts from US International Religious Freedom Report 2003 (12/20/03)
Indian-State Official Threatens to Close Fradulent Christian Charities (12/20/03)
Lanka Catholic church warns against unethical conversions (12/20/03)
Conversion law is not stinging enough: VHP (12/17/03)
Christian Mission teacher beats 4 Muslim girls for "talking" (12/16/03)
Forced conversions of tribals by Christian missionaries (12/16/03)
VHP launches drive against Chhattisgarh Christian missionaries (12/16/03)
Hindu girl tortured by Christian employer (12/15/03)
Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram & Conversions (12/13/03)
Bangalore: Hindu Leaders Against Conversions & Untouchability (12/10/03)
Alleged assault on boys for refusing to convert (12/4/03)
Christian Extremists Kill Four, Set Market Aflame (12/3/03)
NLFT abducts 6 persons in Tripura (12/3/03)
RSS chief criticises Pope, asks him to focus on Europe (12/2/03)
Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha supports conversion ban (12/2/03)
Christian Textbooks: Teaching Religious Intolerance (11/28/03)
Churches cock-a-snook at TN's law (11/26/03)
Indian Ministry of Home Affairs web site documents missionary money (11/25/03)
Missionaries rouse Sri Lankan Buddhists' wrath (11/25/03)
Sena launches ratha yatra against conversion (11/23/03)
Massacre survivor's marriage hopes (11/20/03)
Cannibal apology group aims to make Fiji "God-fearing" (11/20/03)
Bomb attack by Christian terrorists to scare away Hindu Bru (Reang) tribal voters in Mizoram (11/20/03)
Christian Preacher Sentenced for Desecrating Hindu Temple (11/20/03)
Naga rebels use forced conversion for control (11/18/03)
Hindu Minority leaders Enraged over Kohima temple demolition (11/18/03)
Pope calls for Targeting of Lower Caste Hindus for Conversion (11/18/03)
The evangelicals who like to giftwrap Islamophobia (11/10/03)
Christian Taliban in India's northeast call for ban of Bollywood films (11/8/03)
Mom and 4 sons gunned down (11/8/03)
Buddhists, Hindus Join to Keep New Churches at Bay (10/31/03)
The activities of Graham Staines (10/30/03)
Hindu Temple Burnt in Fiji; Christians Suspected (10/28/03)
Christian Fanatics Vandalize Hindu Temple (10/26/03)
Case filed against Pope, Sister Nirmala (10/23/03)
Conversions Spark Controversy in Sri Lanka (10/20/03)
CRPF jawan killed, another injured in Tripura ambush (10/19/03)
Rationalists say Mother Teresa's miracle claim is 'bunkum' (10/17/03)
U.S. Military Supporting Baptist Evangelism (10/16/03)
Two killed by Christian militants in Tripura (10/16/03)
Polish Catholics Persecute Krishna Worshippers (10/13/03)
Extremists Spared Not Even Women And Children (10/13/03)
Conversions destroying Tamil culture (10/10/03)
Conversion issue: Apang best bet for BJP (10/10/03)
Mother Teresa no miracle worker says doctor (10/5/03)
A Christian organisation accused of forced conversion (10/4/03)
Missionaries target Himalayan culture in Dehradun (10/2/03)
Ethnic Cleansing Continues: Ultras kill three tribals in Tripura (10/2/03)
Militants gun down six in Tripura (9/30/03)
CPI-M activist killed by ultras in Tripura (9/28/03)
Funds for conversions in Kalpana's name? (9/25/03)
Lecturer converting students in Kerala (9/21/03)
VHP disrupts Christian conversion attempt in Mumbai (9/19/03)
Now a Christian-Hindu Divide in Tripura Villages (9/15/03)
Tripura: Two NLFT militants killed (9/12/03)
Four HPC militants killed in Assam (9/11/03)
NLFT sets up military hospital in Chittagong (9/10/03)
Lanka SC's refusal to religious conversions kicks up controversy (9/9/03)
Mob takes away building material of church (9/9/03)
Missionaries prey on poor Tibetian youth (9/8/03)
NDFB on a kills 4 (9/6/03)
Three reconverted to Hinduism (9/3/03)
School teacher shot dead by Christian terrorists in Tripura (9/3/03)
Nobody has right to convert: SC (9/2/03)
VHP to launch reconversion drive in Kerala (9/1/03)
Militants kill 36 civilians in Tripura (9/1/03)
Tripura: Five of family rescued from captivity (9/1/03)
Christians go insane at Kovilancheri and Commit sacrilege (8/29/03)
Shillong evangelist in drug net (8/29/03)
Town tense after missionary molests 6 year old (8/29/03)
Missionary mischief in Pushkarams (8/14/03)
Seerani Arangam on Marina demolished (8/11/03)
Thirteen Years of Killings in Tripura by the NLFT (8/10/03)
Surrendered insurgent's family gunned down by NLFT (8/9/03)
Church Official Arrested for Aiding Insurgents (8/9/03)
9 N-E outfits to 'ban' Hindi films (8/8/03)
Inflow of foreign funds into India - Kerala tops the list (8/8/03)
Naga guerrilla group opens Washington office to boost its image (8/7/03)
Missionary school in Jharkhand insults Lord Rama (8/6/03)
CPM leader among 7 shot dead in Tripura (8/4/03)
Scot held in India accused of aiding terrorist fight (7/30/03)
Nagaland blast kills one, injures four (7/30/03)
NLFT gunmen kill 3 in Tripura (7/27/03)
Christian NLFT militants massacre six (7/22/03)
Students withdrawn from Christian hostel (7/22/03)
Terrorists in North-East India get support from America (7/22/03)
Church supporting militants in Tripura (7/22/03)



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